A little shy..

Well.. to the great and faceless populace who may or may not read my meandering rants..


I am a little embarrassed by how bare-ass bald I left myself last time I posted here.

I don’t really know where to go from here. After therapy on Monday I feel like I am Raymond Garraty walking with three warnings… What happens now, because no amount of timely walking, as an addict with everything on the line is ever going to get me from this position of walking scared with everything on the line. In Garratty’s story, they had one of 2 outcomes, finish, which only 1 would or die. I feel like with me it’s that way now too but we chould know from my track record that I am not good at navigating situations that depend on me behaving..

We’ll see.

Son and Daughter are doing well. She’s working 2 jobs and applying to school. He just had his parent teacher conference and is getting better and better all the time in all areas.




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