Sleeping In Odd Places

More Than a Headache

It was an incredible feat making it to the library, let alone up the stairs and then finding an open table by the windows in the quiet section was another miracle. I didn’t really process how incredible the moment was due to the headache and exhaustion. All I remember was collapsing into a chair, throwing my back on the floor, shrugging off my sweater, bundling it up into a ball and promptly laying my head down on it and closing my eyes. Setting an alarm for the 10 o’clock class was an afterthought.

I dozed for a little bit, fitfully, waking at every sound, the soft shuffling of feet on the carpet, the squeaking wheels of a cart holding books, the birds chirping outside the window or the heater kicking on below my feet. I had one more class to go until I had a three hour break when I…

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