Miss no way it’s all good..

Today’s title is brought to you by the mulitalented singer songwriter P!nk from her song “F**kin’ Perfect”.

I am feeling completely misunderstood today. By everyone, including myself. It has been a relatively easy kind of day. I was allowed to pretty much lounge around read, game, and rest all day long. Husband and I got along great. Son had a great summer day, seemingly the perfect mix of sleeping late , playing outside with friends, watching cartoons and building Legos.

But even still, for no apparent reason, I became increasingly moody as the day wore on, blood pressure, pain index and irritability level rising steadily for no apparent reason. I am in an incredibly foul mood right now and I don’t even have a clue as to why. I feel amazingly irritable and resentful of Husband but have no real clue as to why. Everything he does, every time he touches me or even just breathes wrong I feel like screaming, and there’s nowhere I can go that he isn’t.

It’s driving me batcrap crazy.


2 thoughts on “Miss no way it’s all good..

  1. No worries, we’ve all felt that way before. Mine came last Saturday when I woke up feeling frustrated and aggressive. Maybe there’s something you’ve been holding in that you should let out otherwise this will keep coming back. I let out my issues last Sunday and boy did the household fire up! But afterwards we resolved our issues 🙂 On the other hand if there’s nothing to talk about you have to just fight this feeling off and it’ll pass in a few hours. Hope I’ve helped!


  2. When I get in a foul mood, it is, I that am responsible for it. It is usually inner emptiness that is the root of disturbance. The feeling of something lost, not being whole, and non acceptance of what is. The outer and the inner are not in tune well enough which leaves the self disturbed or out of harmony with what is. Even when I am out of harmony, that being out of harmony is what is. It’s ok, just be aware of it, and inquire into it.


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