The Date Night–An Unexpected Journey

I was not aware that Son had yesterday AND Monday off from school. I was so unaware of this fact, because Fridays have never been part of Labor Day weekends for us here on the East Coast ever, ever as far back as I can remember. So even though Husband asked me about Friday earlier in the week when I informed him Son had Monday off, I didn’t even bother checking the calendar they had just handed out to us this past Monday night because I was sure that I was right.

So yesterday we woke Son up, had him get ready, sent him to the bus stop only to see (because we watch him from our window till he’s on the bus) a neighbor come out of her apartment in her robe, say something to him, and then he headed right back home. He came in and said Mrs. Neighbor had told him there was no school today.I checked the schedule and Mrs. Neighbor was right and I was wrong, much to Son’s delight.

We spent the morning playing videogames, then Son got invited over a friend’s house in the afternoon. That turned into a dinner invite, then before I knew it, both Son and friend are begging for Son to be able to sleep over at Friend’s house. A quick call to confirm that it really was ok with Friend’s parents and a hastily packed bag later we are suddenly child-free for the evening!

We decided, even though neither Husband nor I was feeling particularly great, to take advantage of the gift wrapped opportunity and go see a grown-up movie. Then further decided to go whole hog and make it a date night. We never get to go out since Daughter moved in with my parents as we no longer have built in sitting and 9 years old is not old enough to be left home alone, Macaulay Caulkin notwithstanding.

So we went to Bertucci’s then went to see “Guardians of the Galaxy”. We had a few periods of surprisingly intense conversation as we are STILL making a lot of adjustments as a couple but nothing ruined our fun and overall I think that added to the value and intimacy of the night.

So all in all, as Ice Cube said way back when, I gotta say it was good day!


5 thoughts on “The Date Night–An Unexpected Journey

  1. I had an extra unexpected day off for one of my kids too. Fortunately I discovered it on Sunday… I hate getting up early for nothing! πŸ˜› Sounds like you had a great evening. πŸ™‚


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