When I think of pain…


This drawing was in response to the “Life through the lens” challenge that Mommyx4boys posted this week.  The question was, “What do you think about when you think of the word pain?” This is my answer.  I drew and wrote in pencil,  then took a picture of my picture with my phone.  I hope it is visible/readable to everyone.  Please let me know in the comments.


10 thoughts on “When I think of pain…

  1. You draw beautifully. Pain heals from the inside out. Observe how the physical heals, like when you are cut. The body doesn’t start healing from the outside. It flushes the wound, than starts healing at the deepest point of the wound. If it doesn’t work this way or has outside interference, than infection prevents healing. I have found that psychological healing works the same. With my sciatic nerve problem, I am experiencing some relief by focusing on my solar plexus. It takes time and contemplation, but there is a warming relief than can be radiated from there. The effort to stay clean has me trying things I used to think was nonsense.

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    • Thank you for the compliment and the advice. I can relate about trying things I never would have given a second thought to before. It is so hard to stay clean and be in pain. But it’s necessary for my life and the lives of those I love.

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  2. Very great drawing, especially if you are suffering from arthritis. You are a strong person for suffering through all the pain, and also for being so honest and being willing to talk about your struggles.

    More pencil drawings would be cool!



    • Aww..thanks so much! I really should draw more it is therapeutic. I used to draw quite a bit when I was a teenager. I was in DYS programs and such back then, cause I was a troublemaker. This was before I got sick. I had major anger issues and artwork became a real outlet. As far as being strong, I don’t really see it that way. I still have days where I am completely tempted to numb up and tune everything out. When things get rough I have those temptations a LOT! But I also know how everything and everyone I care about goes to he’ll when I do that. So I make the choice to keep going with my program. Each and every difficult day at a time. Another reason why it’s hard for me to feel strong is I know what my dirty inside is like. Now that I’m sober I have to face that. Every time someone says something nice to me I feel like, “Well if you knew the real me you wouldn’t be saying that. You’d be running off screaming into the night.”

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      • Your positive part is also part of what makes up the “real you”! Just because you can be weak, rude or downright nasty sometimes, doesn’t take away from the great side of you. I still think you are strong for just being able to confront your arthritis and talk about it openly with other people. That takes a great deal of strength!



      • Thanks so much again. For the comments and for following my ups and downs. I will definitely be drawing more soon. Right now my thoughts have been a little out of control and I am forming an intense post. After that I’ll definitely be posting more art. It has gotten a positive response and also had a positive impact on my own wellbeing creating as well.

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