Seat of our new old couch


We had to get rid of our old old couch at the beginning of the summer. It had a busted spring. So we spent the last 8 or 9 weeks with my lift recliner as our only furniture.  Then that broke on one side but we kept it cause it was still somewhat functional but it was too painful for me to sit in. We couldn’t afford to buy something new  and every time I found a hopeful prospect on Freecycle or Craigslist it always fell through.  Then my church emailed us saying that some members were moving from a house to an apartment. Though nothing of theirs worked out for us, that got our need onto the church grapevine.  Then when the church itself wanted to get rid of a sofa, we were the first people they called. It was a real blessing.  They even had a bunch of deacons load it into one of their trucks, drive it to us and help Husband get it into the apt!  Even though we never would have picked this couch ourselves,  it’s free, in great shape, and it’s a sleeper sofa so now we’ve got extra space in case of overnight guests.  I feel like I’ve been given my living room back.  Because of my arthritis, spaces without comfortable seating are not really accessible for me. Which kind of had me confined to my bedroom when I was home. Which was depressing.


4 thoughts on “Seat of our new old couch

  1. Congratulations! I just got a new old couch, too. I brought out the old one and the seller of my new couch looked at it and said ¨I think this is nicer than what I sold you.¨ I hissed out ¨This is CREAM. The children stamp their hands on it after every meal. I can’t stand it any more!¨ My new one is not as nice as yours, but it is dark maroon, and I am not scrubbing it each night before bed or draping blankets over it!


    • Lol! I totally get you on that one! I constantly have to tell my 9 year old son, “Your clothes are not napkins!” So many school/church clothes have become sleep/play clothes because he wipes saucy, greasy hands on them while eating then the stains don’t come out. He is only allowed to eat in the kitchen. Even still, if he eats something, I have to have him make sure his hands are clean before he goes into other parts of the house or more things would be stained. I never had this problem with my daughter. I don’t know if it’s cause she’s a girl or just different personalities.

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      • My oldest does this, too. But he used to do it on the top of his head, so there is some improvement. All my kids, because of the old couch, are required to wash their hands AFTER dinner as well as before. But my oldest is the worst. He just doesn’t care if he is sticky or dirty. He doesn’t feel it, after he has wiped it on his shirt!


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