13 freaking pounds!

So as I said before, I gave up soda recently as a first step in a larger plan to either give up or cut way way back on sugar. And it’s been incredibly difficult. 

But last night I saw a friend I hadn’t seen in a while. She had just gotten out of the hospital and she was in a neck brace and sling so Son and I went shopping for her.

When we brought her her groceries she couldn’t stop complimenting me, telling me how much smaller I was and how it was obvious that I must have lost weight.  So this morning I weighed myself and I am down 13 pounds!

I am so excited! Like practically giddy. That’s the equivalent of almost three bags of sugar. Or 13 boxes of butter . Or 13 pounds of lard. It’s encouraging basically.  I’ve got a long way to go but if I can continue to cut back on my trigger foods while also adding in healthy choices I think there’s potential for something pretty great. 

I am not canceling my request for a consult with a bariatric surgeon though.  I have had encouraging starts before and then totally self sabotaged.

But it takes a while to get an appointment with her so I figured, instead of being totally hedonistic till then and further damaging my health, I’d try to see how much positive change I can make between now and then.

Wow. Maybe that new antidepressant is finally kicking in.. that whole last paragraph seems more sensible and healthy then I know myself to be.


6 thoughts on “13 freaking pounds!

    • But it’s so sweet, fizzy and delicious! I know it’s super bad for me though. And I have weight issues and dental issues too which makes it even worse. It was still incredibly hard to give up. I think part of my problem is a sort of rebellious self sabotage. And part of it is just the want for something, anything that’s gonna make me feel a little better when I hurt like hell. Not better in the long term, delayed gratification, hard work kind of way like losing weight but better RIGHT NOW like the first few sips of a Big Gulp. But I am clear headed enough now to know that if I don’t make some fundamental health changes so I can get my weight down and get my knees done there are irrevocable bad consequences. Like loss of independence. Immobility. Need for in home care. I’m 38 years old. It’s time to stop mourning what I can’t change like the progressive damage of rheumatoid arthritis and start working toward what I can, like making better food choices. Wow, totally didn’t mean to get all 12 steppy there.

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      • Oh I didn’t even realize you got 12 steppy. Haha.

        I need to start making better choices, too. My drinking habits (coffee and water only — usually) are good enough, but my eating habits are still like a 13-year-old, and for the first time in my life I’m starting to notice the effect chocolate and pizza rolls are having on me.


      • I was thinking I sounded like the serenity prayer on the end there, yk like what you cannot change and change shat you can and all that. That’s another problem I have. Sometimes I think I did/or am doing something I consider bothersome then I apologize and the other person is like,
        ” What? When?” And other times I’m totally oblivious to actually ticking off or offending the other person.

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