A new inspiration for me..

This could be my new anthem. I discovered her solo work through a post on Blahpolar although I unknowingly was already a fan as I loved her hook on “Same Love” with Mackelmore.

So much of what she says here is true of me as well and I find it totally appropriate for my blog because when I write out my secrets I am healthier.  As the program says,”You are only as sick as the secrets you keep.”

I’ve gotten away from posting everyday.  First it was because I was having health issues then I had that semi phobic thing that I get where the longer I’ve been away from something the harder it is to return to it. 

But Husband just bought me Dragon which really takes away many of my physical reasons for not posting more and I am trying to get my stuff together which will never happen completely but is always closest to being achieved when I write regularly.

Mary Lambert – Secrets (Official): http://youtu.be/cqqqV50zaAc


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