Silent acknowledgement

So Husband needed Immodium tonight.  We can never really keep that in the house.  I still play around with my Suboxone dosing and when I’m low I chug Immodium.  It holds off the cramps and
diarrhea and helps with  the creepy crawlies.

So he asked me did we have any and I knew we didn’t but I let him look through all the meds and I said if there  wasn’t any I would go to the store.  But it turns out neither of us have any cash.

I know that my hurts, habits and hangups are the reason why  Husband is doubled over with no relief. He knows.  And I know that he knows.  But we don’t talk about it. I’ve come so far from where I was. And Husband knows that. But I still self medicate and have a long ways to go.


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