Married to a moron…

I am irritated at Husband. He let 5 lbs of hamburger meat go bad in the bottom of the fridge. Apparently he was expecting me to cook it although he never told it was out of the freezer.

So when I discovered it there today and went to cook it and we found out that it was bad he scooped it into a trash bag and went to return it to the store!! I refused to be any part of that transaction.  It infuriates me when he does stuff like this.  I am nowhere near the store where he is acting like a complete moron and I am still embarassed.

I am also depressed, sore and craving opiates. The anniversary of my brother’s death is coming up and it always brings me especially low.

I am going to tuck myself in with Brooklyn Nine Nine and try and cheer up.


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