Freaking awesome! And by that I mean… not at all awesome.

They just let me out of the hospital. I have cellulitis in my bad foot. I have 2 kinds of antibiotics.  Freaking awesome!

The only med in the world that takes away this big girl’s appetite and I have to take them both with food. I’ll still end up w belly pain and diarrhea from these things and it’s raining so hard!! I am in a piece of crap mood!!

When we finally got to leave the hospital they tried to make us stay because they were having a fire drill!?!
So in case of actual hospital fire please lock all patients in the burning building?
On top of it all, because I had to go to the hospital I had to miss my Suboxone appointment so he had to fax my script but the stupid secretary was on today and she couldn’t work the fax machine so Husband had to go pick it up so i still don’t have Suboxone yet!!


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