And so it continues

Autoimmune diseases suck! I am particularly familiar with the travails that Rheumatoid brings and I always appreciate Emma’s perspective and posts on the subject as a fellow woman suffering from severe rheumatoid and all the heartache, difficult treatments, and rockandahardplace type medical choices you and your medical team have to make. I encourage you to check out her full page and support and encourage her any way that you can. Keep your head up, Emma! Keep blogging!


It’s not good news. I went to see my surgeon yesterday and he did an examination of my shoulder and he is concerned about the level of stiffness and pain. I am now waiting for an urgent MRI and then I go back to see him in 4 weeks time. When I go back he will have the results of my MRI and I’m guessing a plan of action will be discussed. Thy physio has predicted that this is a potential rotator cuff issue and the surgeon also mentioned this yesterday. If it is my rotator cuff, what does this mean? I guess it depends on what the MRI brings back.

The consultant asked me yesterday if the shoulder was better than before the surgery, and I had to admit that it isn’t. It seems to be worse now than before the operation which as a surgeon he must be…

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One thought on “And so it continues

  1. Thank you so much for this. 🙂 you have made my weekend. I really hope you realise how thankful I am for your kind words. It has been a really crappy battle but moments like this make me feel proud to be able to share my fight with people amd maybe give someone some hope and realise that they aren’t alone.
    Emma x


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