I want my writing to matter

Months ago I came to WordPress with a resolve to do 90 posts in 90 days and I WAS writing everyday but then health things (mental and physical) and other life things got in the way and I got sporadic. Now I am more or less back on track..posting everyday or every other day but it has been a while since I felt like anything I wrote meant anything. This blogger below has captured how I feel..

Write to Wrestle

Right now I’m frustrated with writing.

I adore it and need it to stay sane. I’ll write every day, but I want it to mean something.

Is this what artists feel like? Whether musicians, songwriters, painters, or writers.

That desire for their art, for their creations, to mean something. To not just be for them, but to speak to others as well.

I never used to want my writing to speak to others. But after doing it for so long, I’m realizing there’s more than just my endless circle of thoughts in my tiny brain. You can get lost in them, drown in there. And you can find yourself wanting to connect rather than just sit with your thoughts that can drive you batty.

But artists are already batty, right? That’s why we need art. To create something. To turn those thoughts and feelings and all that batty stuff inside us into…

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