SOTD 2 out of 7 or “Hard s**t is kinda hard to swallow”

Bushwick Bill “Ever So Clear”:

Song Of The Day will henceforth be abbreviated SOTD.  Sorry for awkwardly stating the obvious but I have heard/read multiple sources say that it is important to be clear and not take things for granted. 

This past week has been rough.  I am slowly resuming parts of my life that got put on hold when I was severely ill with the cellulitis.  I was on antibiotics and bedrest and really wasn’t doing anything else. Now that I’m better I’ve gotta get back to routine, and routine means treatment and a major part of treatment is therapy.

So on Thursday I was back with Counselor.  It’s really hard getting used to her.

I keep telling myself I was more than ready to make the switch when we did and how positive it is to have a supportive female instead of the callous, foul-mouthed old man that I had for the first year plus of treatment.

But sometimes she feels like a cliché. I say something like, “I’m anxious and hurting because the grass is green and the sky is blue.” She listens  intently and nods and  quietly replies,”It sounds to me like grass being green and sky being blue has you hurting and anxious. ”

What am I supposed to do with that?

So I picked today’s song in honor of how messed up I am, inside and out.  I feel I can relate to Bushwick… hurting emotionally and physically…  Having paid an incredibly high price just for a little clarity.


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