What just happened??

So Husband and I have been sleeping separately lately. I don’t  really know why but I have been having a terrible time with intimacy.  I don’t want to cuddle, or kiss or spoon and I definitely don’t want to do anything MORE intimate than that. 

It’s really not anything Husband has done either. Sometimes when I go into frigid bitch mode I can easily connect it to him being a d-bag but he hasn’t been.  I really have no explanation for my aversion to touch lately. Maybe it’s because I have had more pain. Maybe it’s cause I’m not sleeping properly.  Who the hell knows?

At any rate,  I woke up in the living room at 3 am or so in the sofa bed next to him. I woke up and I guess I said something like,” Can you move over a little bit please?”

He settled himself even more comfortable in his spot and was all, “Nope.”

So I let that go  and a little later I sat up and draped my feet over the side with the idea of limping slowly to the bathroom and he FREAKS out!

He’s like,”Oh now you’re getting up to leave! Well don’t bother!I’ll go!”

Then he snatches up his laptop, phone and charger and storms off to the bedroom!

What the hell?


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