Depression, or Something

It’s not news here that I love and admire ( am desperately jealous of) Tempest’s writing style and her blog altogether but sometimes she still throws me with something that feels plucked from my own inner psyche. If my psyche had a bad ass writing style with a poetic edge. Check out Tempest’s blog. Subscribe to her if you haven’t already. You won’t be disappointed.

Nonsense & Shenanigans

There are clouds everywhere. Encircling my body. But not the soft, fluffy kind that bring comfort. The oozy kind that drip despair.

I just want to curl up with these clouds and let them take over, but Something inside tells me not to. I want to punch that damn Something in the face.

Shit. Is this really happening?

The Something throws some pills at me and I take them, must take them, to maybe make the clouds go away. Do I really want the clouds to go away? Their dampness provides some level of comfort — they know that no one will expect anything from me if they stay.

I try to wrap myself up in them, to accept what is happened, but the Something makes me fight back. The last bit of hope that maybe I won’t fall too hard this time. The Something is stronger this time than…

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