How to Just Be ?

So feeling this! Substances of choice might be different but Ophelia captured howling, hurting emptiness perfectly. Check k out her full site!

The Busted Up Blog

I feel this emptiness, this lack of something, this depression almost in my gut as though all that screaming underneath the Valium isn’t so loud but still murmuring from within.

A void needing filling, something feels ‘ not right‘. Give me something, give me anything, just take me to another plane, don’t keep me in this reality.

This reality scares me, this reality makes me uncomfortable, this reality makes me feel ‘ different‘, not the same as others, I don’t like the awareness, I don’t like the feeling.

To be proud of stringing together some sober days is great, but now the void remains, still reminding me daily this is just part of the journey, your suffering isn’t over.

Whether the sickness from the needs of an addict or the sickness that is my mind, I still feel unwell, I still feel incomplete.

I know I can…

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