Family day in New Hampshire

Son and I are waiting to be picked up by my parents who are running late, as per usual with them. Mornings are my most difficult time and I am not really happy about trekking to a place with ice and snow but if I don’t go, Son will miss out too, so I’m dragging myself out when all I wanna do is be reclined in my chair with my favorite pjs and blanket.

As I’ve mentioned before, Husband has completely written off everyone on my side of the family, so the few times a year that I go with the kids to spend time with my family he gets all pissy and protective. His way of asserting himself this morning was to insist that Son have backup clothes for everything he’s wearing. I admit that’s not a bad idea when going to NH but I could do without the passive aggressive remarks. Like,” See, Maria, I’m layering him up because that’s what good parents do when their kids go to cold places.”

I say,” I wouldn’t know, not being a parent and all.”

He says,”Your words not mine!”

Whatever. I want Son to have fun and presents with his cousins. SO we’re going.


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