Why are you assuming that I didn’t do the same thing?

So Husband and I have a weird household economy.

Because I have been a lying,  thieving addict in the past and he has been an angry, controlling douchebag in the past and because some days the past doesn’t seem so far behind us, we’ve reached a touchy sort of agreement.

Neither person will ask the other one about money. I pay the gas and the electric and he pays the rent, the phones and the car (payment and insurance).

It may seem like he shoulders a lot more of the burden than I do but my check is usually smaller than his as I am not getting school money in addition to my disability at the moment. 
Anyway!  Due to Christmas,  I pushed a payment on the electric forward figuring it would be tight but at least I could get presents for people.  So.. as I am contemplating a bigger than usual bill and the same sad little check here comes Husband saying he needs me to cover the car this month!

I knew he was spending too much in Virginia!  And he’s assuming that I’ll have money?  I did the same thing you did! 

Trying to talk numbers makes crap worse. It feels way too much like the bad old days. I need a miracle. And it’s feeling cold, bleak and very,  very un-miraculous right now. 


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