Would it kill you to say something?

Just now, laying in bed next to Husband , I said, “Sometimes it feels like I feel disappointment and disapproval radiating off of you for me.”

And he says nothing. 

Even if that’s true, would it kill you to say something kind or forgiving once in a while?  I have so much to carry on these hurting joints. The weight of your shaming is a bit much.


One thought on “Would it kill you to say something?

  1. Silence can be very offensive. When I quit relying on others for my psychological being, those that I had depended on became much more tolerable. I think it may have been me becoming more tolerable, but it is a very tough wall to bring down. That reliance on another for self esteem and all that. We all like attention. It is wise to learn how to give oneself attention. Happy to see you getting it out though. Keep it up. Thank you.


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