Nothing but net!

Son is in basketball and I was able to go today. That in and of itself was something.  That I both had the desire to go outside and the stamina to handle the walking that goes along with White Tiger days. I didn’t have desire + stamina to get out to church this am and I was a little bummed about that

Ok, back to Son and his White Tigers. It’s a non-competitve, developmental team which is a big fancy way of saying basically we meet once a week so the kids can learn basic basketball skills.

Also, there is a wide range of kids on the team. Some have minor gross motor delays like Son, others are quite a bit more delayed. Some do quite a bit better than Son with their coordination and physicality but behaviorally the have a major issues.

Anyways, my happy moments of the day… He made two baskets!! I’m really hoping for the developmental team and all he learns here to lead to success on a competitive team but even if it never does he is exercising,  making baskets, making friends and having fun. That is well worth our investment.


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