Blizzard warning

Edited 1/27/2015

I had the injection done. I used to get this procedure done fairly regularly but this time it was different doc and a more potent steroid. The doc was able to get the medicine into the joint space properly so now it’s a 2-3 day wait to see how well my body responds to treatment. If all is well I can go in 2 weeks and have the left knee done. Also, he’s going to talk to my Suboxone doc about maybe upping that script a little as I’ve been on the same dose for quite sometime now, have increased pain and issues and have built up a tolerance for the dose I have now. It may seem counter intuitive to some to up a script that’s supposed to help you off drugs but there are very few options I have in my situation. Anyway, just cause one doc recommends to another doesn’t mean its going to happen.

As for waiting the 2 -3 days? I live in Massachusetts. There’s been some snow and a whole bunch more is predicted and so school is cancelled for Tuesday and Wednesday. Son is ecstatic about his unplanned weekend in the middle of the school week. Daughter and Husband both just started back to school so they are irritated at this interruption after they’ve barely started. I… am in a complicated place and desperately need to vent. I’m also frigging exhausted… more after Netflix and sleep.

All apologies to those that read this post before, with a glaring sentence started and then left IN THE POST, just three words in. Maybe you didn’t even notice, but I did and it bothers me as I’d like to be giving you my best each post. Thanks for being there. Thanks for reading.. you really do make my days better ❤ ❤ ❤


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