Chef… deliciously amusing!

I can’t sleep when I’m like this so I end up watching a lot of Netflix at night. Anytime I can find something I haven’t seen that will be absorbing and help the time drop away in movie length chunks I am grateful.

Chef was very enjoyable. Part comedy, part comeback story and all food porn. It was highly recommendable. Plus it’s got Scarlett Johannsen and Sofia Vergara  which probably makes it the only movie in existence that has both my girl crushes in it. Now I’m only bummed that nothing in my kitchen is going to be nearly as yummy as all the food I just watched.


2 thoughts on “Chef… deliciously amusing!

  1. Hi just came across your blog and love that you are putting it all out there. I watched Chef on one of my bad days and I loved it. It wa so sweet and hits you in the chest. Just remember to stay strong.


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