Husband has pneumonia and probably kidney stones.  He went to the store but only bought tea and juice and his meds as he feels like crap.  I understand.  I empathize.  But I’m irritated at the same time.  Then I feel guilty for feeling that way. He wouldn’t be this way if I was that sick would he?


One thought on “Trapped!

  1. When I quit expecting the wife to be this or that way and just focused on my own behaviors, our relationship started growing again. I gave her freedom to be her. Somehow that gave me freedom to be content for myself. My love for her had been nothing more than a measuring stick of trades. I had to let her go to find myself that I had lost somewhere along the way. Lucky me and lucky her. She treats me better than I could of ever imagined. I suppose she may say the same of me, but I don’t need to know. I am here for me, and she is apart of me, and she is free to be or not be.

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