View from my bedroom window


We’ve had a lot of snow on my little slice of the East Coast this winter. So far we’ve had 6 snow days in the last 6 weeks and, as frustrating and plan changing as THAT can be with kids and all, it’s even more so for someone with limited mobility.

Because I depend on a walker to get around I can’t go out right after snow falls. I need certainty that Beth my home and wherever I am going have had proper snow removal and salting so the walker can roll like it should. 

I’ve been having severe opiate cravings. I don’t know if it’s all the stress.. physical, financial, marital,  circumstantial but I’m fiending for the oblivion that comes along with being “other”.

Using isn’t worth starting over. Having to rebuild trust with Husband,  Daughter,  Son and everyone in my treatment center. Plus who knows if I’d even get a a second chance with the Suboxone program and as much as I can be frustrated with my life as it is, it is light years better than where we were.


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