Sunday snow day


The 4 of us are home today. Me, Husband and Son and today Daughter is here too. She’s been staying with us mostly to give me moral support plus kind of be my personal gofer as I can’t go out a lot when it’s icy and snowy.

I absolutely love having her here. She cooks and binge watches Netflix with me. The only downside is that she hates all the same chores I do so she doesn’t really pitch in on those. But everything else she does helps so much it makes the chores easier to deal with.

Still having a lot of pain and cravings   along with  that.  Not that I could act on anything today with that wall of white outside. Still it makes me antsy. But I don’t want to just isolate and sleep the day away because everyone is here so I want to get moving and spend time with the kids before the day is over. They’ve had enough days of zombie mom to last them 2 lifetimes. I’m not going to be her today!


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