My top 5 depictions of addiction…

Husband doesn’t understand why, even though I’m in treatment for opiate addiction and still struggle on a daily basis with some aspect or another OF my addiction, that I choose so much of my entertainment to be about addicts.

I can’t fully explain it myself, except it resonates. I see me, I see my family, I understand the addict AND the people that are furious and disgusted with them. It’s engrossing. It helps time fall away. And sometimes there’s just that stupid addict comfort of, “Well, I never sunk THAT low!”

That being said, here are my personal top 5:

Nurse Jackie

I’ve watched her bombed and I’ve watched her sober and I’m still hooked. Mostly now I re-watch when I do  cause it seems like April is a long, long way away. I can’t wait to see how it all works out!


This is not one I re-watch. It is a very accurate depiction and a good movie.. maybe I just find it too convicting somehow. It’s just not one I want to repeat, for whatever buried reason, but it is worth watching.


Renton pretty much describes deep opiate addiction right there. Who needs reasons? And any addict can tell you in there worst moments they can put ANY word in the place of reasons when they really need a fix. We will put anything on the line for that feeling. And I guess that’s really the problem, isn’t it?


Freaking love this show! It hits me on so many levels. Addiction in the family, mental illness in the family, feeling awful for how my active addiction has hurt people I love, feeling furious at other’s active addiction hurting people I love and on and on. Kind of amazing.

Thanks For Sharing

I initially avoided watching this because I didn’t like the press I had seen on it and it seemed like it would upset rather than entertain me. Then one night I was bored and in pain and looking for something to occupy my mind on Netflix. I saw this and put it on with my normal “I’ll give it 5 minutes” attitude and I watched it straight through. The chemistry and comedy between Josh Gad and Pink is amazing and hilarious.


2 thoughts on “My top 5 depictions of addiction…

  1. Requiem for a Dream is a movie that gets me back close to that darkness. I find that it does me well to stay well acquainted with my darkness and art is a much safer alternative than the behavior. Another thing is that a non addict will probably never really understand the reasoning of an addict. It’s ok, an addict shouldn’t really expect them to understand by my experience. Thanks for sharing some new options for me when I feel the need to get reacquainted with my own darkness.


    • Requiem IS a great film. It’s rather perfect in the way that it shows the progress of addiction, from the euphoric ” this is my solution to everything” to losing more than we’d ever willingly risk in our right minds.

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