Random memories..

So Daughter has been staying with us for the past month or so. It’s been great, I don’t know how much longer she’ll hang because she’s 19, working, in college, and in a relationship. When she stays with my parents she has more space and freedom but a different set of aggravations. I plan to enjoy her being here while it lasts and not to be too clingy or take it too personal when she needs her space. I love her, she’s doing incredibly well and I relish the closeness we have when we have it.

She sleeps on the couch and my favorite time of day when she’s here has been late at night when Son is bed and Husband is on the computer in his studio. We talk about nothing and everything and binge watch everything from Breaking Bad to Friends and everything in between.

Yesterday I had a random memory of when she was 2 or 3 and she used to refer to shows I would watch by how she heard their theme songs. Two I specifically remember were “chacka chacka” loudly whispered so it mimicked the clapping sound in the theme song, that was Friends and there was also “ooey-gooey, ooey-gooey” that was Survivor.


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