Day 3 of being iced out..

It’s the 3rd day after our big fight and Husband is still doing his best to completely ignore me. He’s not even sleeping in our room which means he is sleeping in his studio, either propped up in his chair or on a cot he set up in there. Him sleeping on that cot is ridiculous.. it’s one of the 2 cots we bought for the kids during the brief hellish 2 months or so that we were between apartments and had to stay with my parents. So Husband, at 6’2″, 310, is sleeping on a cot we bought for our kids who were 14 and 4 at the time and obviously significantly smaller than he is. He also has chronic back problems and is still supposed to be getting extra rest as he is still healing from pneumonia and his bout with kidney stones. That cot is a far cry from our California king pillowtop Serta that he is spoiled to.

SO that goes a long way to show how stubborn and hardhearted he is being. I don’t know what the hell he is trying to prove by taking so long to come around and get over it. Maybe he thinks he is teaching me a lesson? All he is actually doing  by taking so long to extend a little compassion and forgiveness is remind me of why I thought separation was a good idea in the 1st place. That heart of stone, that mindset that had no place for me as a HUMAN BEING that deserved common courtesy, I hate being treated like this. It is hateful and childish and and I don’t deserve him going so damned overboard. He of all people should be able to look past what can happen when someone really loses their temper!


6 thoughts on “Day 3 of being iced out..

  1. Oh, honey. Therapy, therapy, therapy. You’ve said it looks like a pile of old issues were kicked over when you threw that bottle and refused to back down. You talked about past addictions, his illness, your chronic pain, kids. You are dealing with a metric ton. How can it not overwhelm every now and then? And sometimes, when it does, we don’t even know why we’re so mad. Everything boils up. Sometimes talking to someone else, a third party, can help. Almost every insurance will pay for three to six visits to a counselor. It might be worth seeing what each of yours will do. Good luck.

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