Gotta get up and try..try..try..

I am sitting in my bedroom surrounded by piles of clean clothes. Some folded. Some on hangers. All put in piles by person. These clean clothes have been stuffed in a laundry bag for at least a week. All of our clean laundry is randomly stuffed in bags or bins. Husband has no problem DOING the laundry but he never sorts it after or puts it away. I have been dwelling on my pain for the past few days and not really doing anything. Today Husband goaded me to get out of bed and get dressed so we could go grocery shopping.

I don’t know why pain and depression make me agoraphobic and listless. I dread the fact that its Easter weekend. That means a church service, then racing over to my parents church so Son can do a candy hunt with his cousins. Since Husband has cut off my side of the family it’ll just be me and Son going. Then we”ll come home and have ham, crescent rolls, pie, etc.

We always do 2 part holidays. I hate the animosity Husband has for my family. I used to let it govern how much time I spent with them but since out split and detox I spend time with them as I please and he just tolerates it. Dealing with this laundry is frustrating. My hangers are in a bin all tangled up and when I grab for one and pull it out it’s like barrel of monkeys all tangled up. I need to rest now. But at least I can know I accomplished a few things today. And maybe after I rest I’ll even do more. I just wanted to post quick to say that I’m still here, up and trying.


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