Step 1: The Disease of Addiction

Gnomevomit summarizes what I, as a recovering opiate addict, know to be true about people and substances and how we as addicts navigate our world around and between them. He deftly addresses why the substance causing only destruction feels to be the only reason to go on living. Thanks for writing! Keep it up! –

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1. I believe the disease of addiction is centered around self obsession and not being able to mediate emotions effectively. It is a progressive illness in which I believe the unconscious tries to kill the self.

Drugs become like a cheat code for living. Opiates in particular trick the mind into believing that it is accomplishing tasks worthy of reward by stimulating the reward pathway chemically, where in reality I could be nodding out in a honey bucket having never actually done any action to warrant a rewarding sensation.

There is a neurological basis basis for addiction that is biological and outside of conscious control. The chemical attaches itself to the biological mechanisms that create consciousness, and therefore conscious behavior becomes dependent on these chemicals in order to function; conscious behavior is dependent of biological mechanism.

Instead of dealing with emotional, economic, or spiritual problems through action, which might stimulate…

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