A ghetto-ass cup of coffee and a nomination I don’t deserve..

I have been struggling tremendously lately and spent much of the day on bed but I had to get up because Husband and Son are going away on Son’s 3 day school trip tomorrow and I needed to help get his clothes ready.

After a final desperate attempt to scrounge something mood altering off of another med dependant friend.. (Xanax or Klonopin…or actually maybe an Adderall would be better in this instance. Something to fill me with productivity instead of this incessant need to withdraw and isolate from the world.. whatever I was looking for it didn’t matter because Friend was 4 days away from refills with no extras) I forced myself out of bed and went to the kitchen.

Checking my phone along the way, I saw that Mommyx4boys had nominated me for the “Sunshine Blogger Award”. I was so taken aback and honored. Maybe it helped me inch my way to the kitchen a little faster to make my ridiculously scrounged together but much needed caffeine fix.

So this is the process that produced the coffee I am currently sipping from my favorite Edible Arrangements mug:

1. Get Son to reach everything off of the shelves I can’t easily reach for me.

2. Make instant coffee with Folger’s crystals that have been sitting in the back of the cabinet forever using plain hot water heated by my Keurig. I am out of coffee k-cups and though I have tons I ground coffee that is probably much fresher and tastier than these crystals I don’t have the little k-cup filter thingy that allows regular ground coffee to be used in a Keurig. I also no longer have a drip coffee maker.

3. Sweeten coffee with decorative sugar crystals bought to decorate Christmas cookies I never baked with the kids last winter. When you add colored sugar to black coffee all the sparkly dyes swirl up, making the brew look kind of like a magic potion. Which in my case I was hoping it would be. A potion that gave me get up and go to help Son with his trip in the one small way I could.

4. Add a generous spray of whipped cream, which we ridiculously have, even when we don’t have any milk,sugar or cream in the house, and stir it all in. It cooled it down slightly and creamed the coffee as well. It worked. Not one of the best cups of joe ever but definitely drinkable and I am now up ready to sort these clothes instead of hiding under the covers.


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