Co-parenting roommates..

Husband and I have been kind of at odds with each other lately. Neither of us is really feeling being around each other. I have been spending the majority of my free time in our bedroom and he has been hanging out in either his studio (the converted third bedroom of our apartment where he keeps his instruments and recording equipment) or the living room.

We’ve been sleeping separately as well. He’s choosing the pull-out bed in the living room over sharing our king sized pillowtop Serta. There have been times in the past where him acting like this have made me feel rejected and craving of closeness, but right now all this is making me feel is relieved to be alone.

The one area where we’ve consistently been able to come together is when it comes to Son. When we are working on something for him we are a great team, supportive of each other in our common goal of wanting the very best for Son. I’m grateful that we aren’t divided or withdrawn when it comes to Son but we are completely lackng any intimacy towards each other and I can’t really pin down why.

We’ve been here before and then had times of rekindling. Right now I’m not even worried about that though.. just enjoying the solitude. All the added depending I’ve had to do on him I think increases my need for alone time so I’ve kind of found it convenient that he’s pulling away as well.

Today I’m grateful for solitude and the refreshment and restoration that it brings.


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