End of the month blues..

Both Husband and I being disabled means that we get paid once a month. Being on a fixed income means that sometimes we run out of money before we run out of month and when that happens you get a couple of days like today that just suck. I can’t really go anywhere because we need to conserve gas, even free things like taking Son to the park have to be carefully considered.

The fridge and freezer are virtually empty of things that are appealing to eat and we have to go out of our way to figure out something edible out of whatever cans we have and whatever is lurking in the back of the freezer. I used my last K cup this morning so a cup of tea is out of the question now. I could make coffee because I have ground coffee and the reusable K cup filter thing, but I have no milk and nothing to sweeten it with.

It all makes me feel antsy, trapped and ungrateful. My logical brain knows I have quite a bit to be thankful for. There are so many people in the world who would feel grateful to have 1/10 of what we have. We have a clean safe place to stay, we still have plenty of food even if it’s not my first choice of what I’d like to eat, we have a working, insured car and licenses to drive it. We know when we next get income and that it will meet our  needs and maybe even a few of our wants. I need to work on remembering these things.

Today I am grateful that I DO have what I need, even if I have to wait for things I want.


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