June 29th is Chronic Migraine Awareness Day

My brother suffered from chronic migraines. He had severe headaches, as well as many of the other symptoms listed above, every day from the age of 14 till he passed away at age 20. It is one of the most unfair, incapacitating types of chronic pain. Please share to spread awareness.


June is Migraine and Headache Awareness Month, but June 29th is the day dedicated to those that suffer from Chronic Migraine.

Chronic migraine: …The International Headache Society defines chronic migraine as more than fifteen headache days per month over a three month period of which more than eight are migrainous, in the absence of medication overuse. Episodic migraine is the other migraine sub-type, which is defined as less than 15 headache days per month.” – http://www.migrainetrust.org

I am a chronic migraineur. And to “celebrate” this day in history my brain saw fit to grace me with a severe migraine. Ugh! Thanks brain!

What is migraine?

Migraine is not JUST a headache. Migraine is a neurological disease with head pain being only one of the possible symptoms. Did you know that a person can have a migraine WITHOUT having head pain? See below a graphic highlighting SOME of the debilitating symptoms of migraine…

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