Small feeling of accomplishment..

As I said in my last post or two, I’ve been depressed. I’ve been spending a lot of time in bed due to pain and really haven’t gotten anything useful done.

Today I was sick of feeling like that so I folded and hung 4 big bags of clean laundry. Husband washes the clothes but he doesn’t put them away, he just bags them up. So then we end up having to dig through a big bag of unsorted laundry every time we get dressed. It gets tedious, especially cause Son HATES digging a bag to get dressed and he has all of his summer activities now so he doesn’t want to spend a long time getting ready. The net result of this is that he ends up wearing the first set of clothes he puts together, regardless of whether they match or ar weather appropriate, etc. That bothers me greatly. I give him quite a bit of freedm when it comes to his wardrobe but I hate him going outside in clothes he’ll be hot in or looking like a ragamuffin.

So yeah, I’m sore and tired now.. but I was sore and tired before I even did anything. At least now, people have clean clothes accessible which will make all of our lives run more smoothly.


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