The post to get me posting again..

I blew it with my 30 in 30 commitment and when I realized that I started drafting my recommitment post repeatedly and it never come out the way I wanted it to and the longer I was away the harder it was becoming to come back.

So this post has none of the flare or intense topics that the other drafts did but I’m posting it so that kinda makes it better than all the drafts in the world.

Things are hard. I’ve been struggling in my marriage and doubting myself as a mother, also my Suboxone doctor left my treatment center to become head of a methadone clinic in Brockton. More on that in another post. Anyway, I’ll still receive Suboxone but from a new doctor which has me nervous.

Anxiety and sadness are building up to unnacceptable levels and I really have no idea how to fix it.

Today I am grateful that I forced myself to start posting again.

Post 1 of 30 in 30.


2 thoughts on “The post to get me posting again..

  1. Suboxone was a total lifesaver, although I had to be pried off of it kicking and screaming. I hope your day gets better; keep writing, that definitely helps. 🙂


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