One of the many things I do when I am in pain and can’t rest..

I work on my Jamberry skills.


Fair warning, this is a SALES POST. I am now officially a Jamberry consultant, trying to make a go of this with a product I believe in,  and I am, for the 1st time ever, using my blog as a platform to do so.

I have very mixed feelings about doing this. Up till now, I have asked nothing of you as readers. That’s because I find you being here, following, reading, occasionally liking and commenting to be plenty. I would never try to seamlessly disguise a sales pitch. So go those uninterested in what I’ve got for sale, please tune out now! And as always, thank you for being here as my reader in the 1st place!

For those of you who don’t know what Jamberry is, they are high quality, self adhesive vinyl nail wraps that can last for up to weeks and work for fingers and toes. They come in over 300 designs!

These are the perfect solution for mani pedis  if you are anything like me. They don’t involve any skill with polish or design or even a steady hand with nail glue (which is worse than crazy glue, amirite?!)

Jamberry, or Jams, as we sometimes call them are completely self adhesive. They just require nail prep and then some heat to seal them on.  And while we sell everything to properly prep your nails and apply your Jams, you probably already OWN everything needed.

Last, but definitely not least, there’s price! Jams are $15 per sheet of wraps. A sheet of wraps is enough to do your manicure and pedicure TWICE, with a few left over to save for accents on your next Jamicure! That’s 2 Manis and 2 pedis for the price of a 1 FILL on your acrylic manicure! Speaking of which, Jams can go on over real or acrylic nails.  Definitely worth checking out
for the price alone!

Anyone interested in a free sample, or perhaps hosting a Facebook party to earn some free product, please email me at

  1. Anyone interested in seeing the many designs of nail wraps, as well as the many other nail care items for sale can look at my website: My website

Thank you to those of you that read my entire sales pitch. This is all my own thoughts in my own words. There are many script suggestions once you become a consultant. There is nothing wrong with those. I think they can be a great tool. None of them felt right for here, as I have always been straight with you, in my own words.

I’d love any feedback, comments or suggestions.


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