Madness is the gift that’s been given to me..

I am so fucking angry at him. What the hell is his problem?!

I don’t know what the hell I have to do, who I have to be, to get some consideration from his selfish ass. 

Tonight I cleaned the bathroom which was absolutely disgusting because we’ve both been sick and depressed. I wasn’t expecting any gratitude but I did ask if he could pick me up some dinner when he went to get Son from youth group. He balked, as I expected, then asked why. I pointed out that he wasn’t going to cook and that I was hungry.  He didn’t say anything, then just left.

They took forever coming home so I figured he opted for grocery shopping instead of drive through. Annoying, as I’d hoped for an Italian chicken combo, but I grudgingly acknowledged to myself that it was a better choice overall.

Then the asshole comes home with stuff for himself and Son and nothing for me.


3 thoughts on “Madness is the gift that’s been given to me..

    • Thanks.. it’s ok.. I ate. I guess I got so pissed cause I’ve been feeling under appreciated as I’ve struggled to pull myself out of these winter blues. So I give all I have to make an effort and it feels like he doesn’t give a crap.

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