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Maria Johnson’s Personal Page for SHARE FUN WALK 2016

I hardly ever use this blog as a platform for sales or fundraising. I suck at sales even when I believe in the product and I’m hardly ever involved in fundraisers either.

However, SHARE at UmassDartmouth is a wonderful program that I truly believe in. They have provided life changing technology, DME and other assistive devices to the disabled community since 1981.

They’ve provided me personally with an accessible laptop and other helpful household items. In return, I will be doing the FUN “WALK”. (I added those quotes as I am obviously completing the route using my scooter.. I’m told I’m not the only wheelchair user participating) I have a goal of $100 in pledges. Donations can be made using the link below. Every little bit helps. Thank you!

Source: Maria Johnson’s Personal Page for SHARE FUN WALK 2016


View from my bedroom window


A lot of running around yesterday has me sore and swollen today.  Yesterday went very well though and I’m glad. I had committed to an hour of fundraising for Son’s football team. The people that run the team call this “tagging”.

What it felt like was legalized panhandling with Son in his football jersey, a bag of lollipops (my idea) and a tiger striped collection jar. We stood outside our local Walgreens on either side of the entrance. 

I offered everyone who walked by a lollipop and Son basically looked strong and handsome in his Pop Warner jersey.  And nearly everyone donated something.  Lots of people donated folding green.

In our hour that tiger striped jar was stuffed! Son and I were both really happy to turn in the full to bursting jar. I was so anxious that we wouldn’t get anything.  I kept envisioning having to turn in a jar with only the $1.02 that Son put in himself to get the ball rolling. 

So I was very sore on Sunday after Saturday’s efforts but it was so very worth it. 

Now I am going to treat my sore self to chocolate,  my recliner and my latest TV treat “Flight of the Conchords”.