DAMN! or the winner of my own personal superbowl ad watch…

I watch the superbowl commercials every year. We aren’t big football people here. Husband played football in high school but never has really shown much interest in watching it. Son wants to know WHO won particularly in years that New England is in the running and I have only EVER been interested in the commercials and the party food. Though as  New Englander, GO PATS! 😀

Anyways, I discovered a couple of years ago that I could watch just the commercials on my HuluPlus. I love it. It keeps me involved in all the pop culture references without having all the pesky sporting events getting in the way.

I may have been a little raw emotionally to attempt professional manipulation of my emotions because I found that quite a few of the more “touching” spots were causing tears when I didn’t want to be teary. But a lot of the stupid car commercials had a theme of touching daddy kid moments  got to me.

A few were funny. I liked the Brady Bunch Snickers mostly cause Machete and Buscemi are both favs of mine. And I  liked the Sorta Greg, Sorta Mom ones.

But the most DAMN moment for me was the Weight Watchers commercial. As a raging opiate addict who is now basically in do or die mode with her food issues, this hit hard.


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